Six Things You Should Know Before You Date Me

Have you ever wished you could know exactly what to expect from a person when considering whether or not you want to date them? Maybe a written guide or manual that stated “Hey, if you’re thinking about dating me here are some things you should know”. That would make the whole awkward dating thing so much easier wouldn’t it? Yet for some reason so many people feel the need to play games when going into the dating arena, and they aren’t open about what they really want or expect until later. Well I’ve decided to no longer participate in these dating games, which is the inspiration for this post.  Now before I begin let me clarify I am not writing this because of one specific person or event, but many over my short life.

Here we go: Six Things You Should Know Before YouDate Me

1. God is my first above all else

Every decision I make in my life is based upon God and His will for my life. That being said, I will not date someone who does not share this with me. Why? Because the point of dating is to eventually find someone to marry, and in a marriage you have to make life choices together. How in the world will we be able to make any important life decisions together if we do not even share the same core values? It just does not work. PERIOD!

2. I will not put my life on pause for you

As I previously stated, God is my first, and every day I strive to follow His will for my life. I already know that God has got some great things planned for my life, and if we are dating I’m not willing to give that up for you. For example, for those of you who don’t know I’m moving to Virginia. If I started dating someone in good ol’ Indiana, that does not mean in anyway I’m going to decide to no longer move to Virginia. If me moving away means we would break up, so be it.

3. I’m waiting for marriage

And you will not convince me to do otherwise. I know some people out there might be thinking “she is only doing that because she is a Christian”. Well you’re only half right. Yes this does initially stem from my faith, but outside of that I want to one day have something with my husband that I did not have with anyone else.

4. I won’t change for you

If you can’t handle the coffee obsessed, music loving, and hyperactive girl that I am don’t even walk my way. In return I’ll do the same, and won’t expect you to change for me either. It’s not fair to ask anyone to be someone they actually aren’t.

5. I need space

Many couples have the whole “I want to be with/talk my significant other 24/7” thing going on. I’m sorry to disappoint, but that is NOT AT ALL me. Yes of course I will want to talk to you and spend time with you, but don’t expect me to be staring at my phone all day just so I can text you. This also ties into point number one. I’m a busy person by choice, and I love my crazy life. I won’t stop everything I’m doing so I can see you every day of the week. If you’re are looking for that girl who will text you all day everyday and will hangout with you multiple days a week on whim, I’m not that girl.

6. I’m looking for a leader

You could say I’m “old fashioned” in the way that I expect the guy to be the leader of the relationship. If making decisions and truly being a leader is a thought that makes you uncomfortable then you and I were just not meant to be.

There you go, here is your guide to me. I’m a lot to handle, but I know that God has some special guy out there waiting that will be able to handle the crazy that is me. Until then, I plan to live out life to the fullest and not waste a second of it looking for someone. I know that when the time is right, God will bring the guy into my life and everything will work out the way God intended for it to.


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