As I sit in my tiny dorm room typing into the late hours of the night, all I can think about is this one word. Realizing that most of my life, this word has been my identity, or at least that’s what I have always told myself. Even when those that loved me told me otherwise, my stubborn heart refused to believe a word that was spoken to me.

I had chosen to believe I was insignificant for so long that as a result, one of my greatest fears in life is insignificance. Sitting in a crowded restaurant with a group of friends I find myself feeling small and unwanted; convinced I was only invited out of pure pity. My fear takes control and I put on my self-given name tag of unimportant, unwanted, and insignificant. In these moments, I have chosen lies over truths.


How foolish am I to choose lies over truths? I think it may be safe to say that I am not the only person who makes this poor exchange. As human beings, instinct is to put ourselves down and believe that we are worthless. We create the belief that no one wants us so we stay silent and hide. We weave this web of lies that tells us we are insignificant, and as a result we engrain insignificance into our identity.




The TRUTH is that we are not only wanted but we are WORTH EVERYTHING according to our Heavenly Father.


The TRUTH is that we are CHOSEN and not forsaken.


The TRUTH is that Jesus GAVE HIS LIFE just because He wanted us.


If the Creator of all things in the heavens and earth dares to proclaim us as important and wanted, who are we to tell him that HIS creation is in fact unimportant. That He, the God of the universe, made a mistake in the process making us. To insult ourselves, is to ultimately insult God’s creation that was made in His image (Gen. 1:26-27)! To call ourselves insignificant, is to tell Jesus Christ that giving His life for us was a mistake (Rom. 5:8)! In these moments, I no longer desire to choose the lie but instead I choose to remember that Christ gave His life for me, which gives me all the significance I could ever need.


If you’re like me and you bore the title of insignificance in your life, it’s time to do away this false identity. It’s time to live in the identity we have been given in our Savior.




“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Romans 5:8

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